Archaeologists Uncover “City Under City” in Thessaloniki Excavation

So far, up to 300,000 cultural treasures have been unearthed since the beginning, the bulk of which was discovered at the metro construction site on Venizelou Avenue.

However, earlier in 2018, a headless statue of Aphrodite was found on the site of the Hagia Sophia station, next to an old fountain complex discovered only a few weeks prior. Well-preserved floor mosaics dating from the 4th century AD were uncovered at the southern entrance of the same site. Experts believe the floor belonged to a wider complex of the same period, as wall ruins and part of a bath have been recovered as well.

Another incredible discovery includes a main paved road dating back to the 6th century AD, the Decumanus Maximus, a typical main axis found in Roman cities that connected the east to the west. Furthermore, over 5,000 graves were unearthed, as well as mud-bricked jewelry workshops and other urban works, allowing archaeologists to decipher the urban landscape of the ancient city buried beneath the modern one.

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